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Pressfield’s War of Art, what really stayed with me

Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art is basically the follow-up to his Domino Project book Do the Work, which I read when it was released. In this new book Pressfield focuses on the inner battle for creativity, a war with a force he calls Resistance. While large parts of the book are very similar to Do the Work, his core ideas have really developed in the time between both books. His main message: Anything really worth doing will immediately be met by Resistance, where Resistance is all the doubts and fears that make you want to quit. The first two parts of the book discuss this battle and ways to counter it, valuable reading for anyone looking to do anything creative. The third part was too vague and faith/religion oriented for me, it made me finish the book on a low. But now it’s been a week and I must say I’m surprised, the impact of this book is much bigger than expected.

So let me start off by saying you should read this book. Period.

Pressfield is an accomplished author, but in this book he shares his mental road to becoming a professional writer. Professional not in the sense of money , but in the mental sense of the word. He uses his journey and experience to make you understand how Resistance and therefore creativity works. This is obviously something most self-help book authors try to do, but the author excels in making it stick. Now, I’m completely aware of Resistance, and I know that most of my doubts and fears are just that, Resistance against change. Because the author has given me a different perspective on creativity and the tools to make a difference, I can now use Resistance to determine what’s really worth doing! The book turned a very negative feeling/emotion into a tool, where the rule basically is; the more Resistance I feel, the more reason there is to do it.

This all seems very ‘duh! /obvious’ but the 2 hours it take to read this book are more than worth it. So read it and let me know if you agree with me.

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  1. The comment, “The War of Art is basically the follow-up to his Domino Project book Do the Work […]” should be the other way around. “Do the Work” is, more or less, a follow-up to “The War of Art.” Otherwise, good article.

    You can delete this comment after you fix it, if you like.

  2. Hi J. you are correct, I looked up the publication dates on Amazon, but I probably looked at the current version’s publishing date for ‘the war of art’. Thanks so much for letting me know.

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